Rowan's Diary

I'm Rowan, and this is my daily doodle diary. Every day I draw what's happened and how I'm feeling.

  1. People-Watching With Perry

    A diary entry on drinks with Perry, people-watching, mini pub-crawls, and Polish vodka
  2. Comic Strip Club Is Back!

    A diary entry on the return of Comic Strip Club, Bat-Girl, Robin Hood, and impromptu magic tricks
  3. Meeting Querstret

    A diary entry on Laydeez Do Comics, meeting Querstret, and how to kill a man with just your finger
  4. Ed's Birthday Drinks

    A diary entry on the very lovely Ed Kendall, Birthday Jäger Bombs, and dancing like an idiot all night
  5. Design Meet-Up Security

    A diary entry on design meetups, the Facebook offices, four-step security processes, and hanging out with Glynn
  6. A Private View With Chloë

    A diary entry on meeting up with Chloë, walking in the rain, and a private view in the ICA
  7. Hanna And Raf

    A diary entry on lazy days, flat hunting, and coffee meetings with Hanna and Raf