Rowan's Diary

  1. Catch-Up With The BNT Crowd

    A diary entry on tourist pubs, lovely evenings with friends, and finding out my super power
  2. Back To Work

    A diary entry on first days back at work, catching up with the team, and parasitic life-forms
  3. A Visit From The Family

    A diary entry on family visits, hanging out with Becky, and friendly bickering
  4. Egon Schiele

    A diary entry on Pete and Scarlett, the Courtauld Gallery, Egon Schiele, and radical nudity
  5. New Year's Day

    A diary entry on New Year's Day, frying the fuck up, and The Rhythm of the Night
  6. Friday 3rd October 2014

    A diary entry on everything being OK, visible shaking, and masking memories with lots of craft beer
  7. Thursday 2nd October 2014

    A diary entry on the return of my public speaking nerves, fucking things up in front of everyone, and burrito