Wednesday 24th September 2014

A diary entry on side projects, long walks, girls, colouring things in, and the writing for Doctor Who

Met up with Perry and Phil to discuss some side-projects.

Perry: This is not a 6 minute walk.

Rowan: Definitely further than Holborn.

Phil: I hate you two.

Perry: I saw that coy smile!

Phil: Which girl have you got your eye on, then?

Rowan: I hate you two.

Phil: Me and Rowan will make a start, and you can colour it in, Perry.

Perry: I hate you two.

Rowan: But good fantasy/sci-fi sets boundaries within the world it creates.

Perry: Doctor Who shits all over its own boundaries!

Phil: I hate you two.

Rowan: I love you two.

Phil & Perry: Gay.